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Results: Picks and Prediction for Week 3

EXPLAINING OUR PICKS: The 4th Down Magazine crew picks all games involving Mid-Penn Conference teams, as well as Schuylkill-Colonial League games featuring former members of the now-defunct Twin Valley Conference. Come playoff time, they’ll expand to include all District 3 teams, as well as the local District 4, District 6 and District 11 programs. Then they’ll get really bold in the state semifinals and start picking games across the state. The predictions are meant for entertainment purposes only because, truth be told, these guys aren’t very bright. Three of them are former full-time sportswriters (dummies), and the other decided to start a high school football magazine despite the fact he already works a full-time job. But, dangit, they like to watch football, think about football, write about football, and eat. That last one isn’t related to picking football games unless you count the mustard on the keyboard. As always, enjoy, and don’t take it too seriously. Nobody here hates any program. Any perceived disrespect is a figment of your imagination. Except Sandrik, who absolutely DESPISES … (transmission interrupted) …


Picker: Week 3 – Overall – Perfect Picks
Adam Kulikowski: 19-10 — 65-24 — 0
Andy Sandrik: 17-12 — 61-28 — 0
Andy Shay: 16-13 — 61-28 — 2
Geoff Morrow: 18-11 — 59-30 — 0


  * In scorelines, home team in all caps

Friday, Sept. 9



Andy Shay: North Schuylkill 33, Pine Grove 14: Couple of 1-1 squads where the offensive punch of the Spartans will be the deciding factor. Pine Grove needs to keep this game a low-scoring affair to have a shot.

Geoff Morrow: North Schuylkill 34, Pine Grove 7: Spartans won the last two meetings in similar fashion and are coming off an impressive shutout of Blue Mountain a week ago.

Andy Sandrik: North Schuylkill 23, Pine Grove 16: The Cards should hang in there, but I think winning is a tough ask for this tough road game. 

Adam Kulikowski: North Schuylkill 45, Pine Grove 7: The Cardinals’ defense will be tested in this one. Good learning experience on tap against the Spartans.


Biglerville 21, JAMES BUCHANAN 14

Andy Shay: James Buchanan 27, Biglerville 20: Been doing this a really long time and a 3-0 Rockets team strikes me as something I do not recall in the last three decades.

Geoff Morrow: James Buchanan 22, Biglerville 16: It’s not just that the Rockets have won two in a row to start the season, but they’ve shown they can win close games, too. Should help here in the programs’ first meeting since 2013.

Andy Sandrik: James Buchanan 23, Biglerville 19: A 3-0 record is right there for the taking if the Rockets want it.

Adam Kulikowski: James Buchanan 28, Biglerville 27: When’s the last time the boys from Mercersburg started the season 3-0? Good question. My research through Maxpreps, which holds the team records back to the 2004 season, yielded no answer. The last time JB won three games in a season was 2019. A win Friday night would be huge for this program. 

Big Spring 47, NEWPORT 0

Andy Shay: Big Spring 49, Newport 7: The mini-slump to start the season for the Bulldogs ends here. Buffaloes are clearly struggling on most fronts.

Geoff Morrow: Big Spring 54, Newport 6: One of these winless teams has been able to put up a fight against two still-unbeaten opponents, while the other has been dominated by a combined score of 98-7. Bulldogs should have some fun.

Andy Sandrik: Big Spring 38, Newport 7: There aren’t many 0-2 teams that are stronger than the Bulldogs, who have a lot of frustration to take out on the field. 

Adam Kulikowski: Big Spring 55, Newport 6: The 0-2 records may say these are level teams, but the film shows a different tale. 

Bishop McDevitt 56, LA SALLE COLLEGE 7

Andy Shay: La Salle College 21, Bishop McDevitt 17: Combined, these two squads are 1-2 overall, yet both are still regarded as Top 10 teams in the state for their respective classifications. Who you play also matters. And this heavyweight battle is a toss-up for me. Can see roads to victory for both teams.

Geoff Morrow: La Salle College 20, Bishop McDevitt 14: Crusaders could not get the run game going last year vs. the Explorers, and that must change for McD to ride home to Harrisburg with a victory. Also, why does MaxPreps says McDevitt beat West Toronto Prep 42-0 last week when the game was canceled by a north-of-the-border covid outbreak? Some of these websites just don’t make sense to me.

Andy Sandrik: Bishop McDevitt 28, La Salle College 21: I’m giving McDevitt the benefit of the doubt because of its roster, but remember the Crusaders haven’t played since Aug. 27. Clean play will be key for McDevitt in a grind-it-out win. 

Adam Kulikowski: Bishop McDevitt 31, La Salle College 28: I just get the feeling the Crusaders are juiced after an unexpected week off. 

Camp Hill 26, UPPER DAUPHIN 12

Andy Shay: Upper Dauphin 30, Camp Hill 28: Trojans are averaging 40 a game and dropped 30 on Williams Valley in a loss. Lions are riding high and have the offense to trade haymakers. The fast-paced Wing-T of UDA is so tricky to defend.

Geoff Morrow: Upper Dauphin 29, Camp Hill 27: I’m in danger of making enemies with the fine folks in Camp Hill by picking against the Lions in a second straight winnable road game, but this choice is more about UD’s offense having momentum and home-field advantage, as well belief in themselves after housing Camp Hill a year ago.

Andy Sandrik: Camp Hill 30, Upper Dauphin 27: The Lions have helped me look like a genius so far. Can they do it again?

Adam Kulikowski: Upper Dauphin 28, Camp Hill 27: The Lions’ defense impressed the first two weeks. Knock off the Trojans, and you can make more room on the bandwagon. 

YORK 54, Carlisle 47

Andy Shay: Carlisle 31, York 21: The Bearcats have lost both their games by a combined total of five points. That starts to weigh on a team. Thundering Herd have to be on their game, and the difference is they know exactly what’s required to win a game.

Geoff Morrow: York 28, Carlisle 27: Can’t really explain it other than I just have a feeling the Bearcats – despite showing early proclivity for losing close games – will find a way vs. the confident and skilled Thundering Herd. I know Carlisle has to be feeling itself, too, after last week’s takedown of Governor Mifflin, but if any of that nudges into arrogance vs. a hungry 0-2 foe, that’s dangerous territory.

Andy Sandrik: Carlisle 30, York 24: This might be an upset special for York, which has been feisty in each of its losses, but I can’t pick against the Herd after how convincingly they handled Governor Mifflin last week.

Adam Kulikowski: Carlisle 38, York 33: I have no doubt the Thundering Herd will toss some coins into the bank. Can they make enough stops to keep the good times rolling? 

Cedar Cliff 44, J.P. McCASKEY 0

Andy Shay: Cedar Cliff 34, J.P. McCaskey 20: Colts are finding their way and have put some pieces in place that they like and think will work. Difference here is CC defense is better equipped to impact the game.

Geoff Morrow: Cedar Cliff 37, J.P. McCaskey 14: Red Tornado surrendering 50 points to Elizabethtown last week is … well … not good with Cedar Cliff and Hempfield and a slew of other talented offenses on the upcoming schedule.

Andy Sandrik: Cedar Cliff 33, J.P. McCaskey 14: Great improvement from Week 1 to 2 for Cedar Cliff, especially from the defense. Another step forward from the Colts could lead to a blowout here.

Adam Kulikowski: Cedar Cliff 28, J.P. McCaskey 24: Colts sophomore Bennett Secrest took every snap under center last week after splitting time in Week 1 with senior Ethan Dorrell. Finding a spark on offense this week is critical before league play begins next week. 

COATESVILLE 34, Central Dauphin 28

Andy Shay: Coatesville 28, Central Dauphin 7: The Red Raiders have surrendered six points through eight quarters. And the Rams’ offense doesn’t have the horsepower to change that this week.

Geoff Morrow: Coatesville 21, Central Dauphin 6: To win, you must score. And scoring vs. this Red Raiders’ defense is NOT easy. Rams facing a potential 0-3 start for the first time in a LONG time.

Andy Sandrik: Central Dauphin 17, Coatesville 10: Maybe I’m still “living in the past,” but I refuse to believe that the Rams are going to start this season 0-3. CD has been competitive against some top-rate teams thanks to its defense, and I think that could be the difference-maker here, too.

Adam Kulikowski: Coatesville 33, Central Dauphin 14: Where does the spark on offense come from for the Rams? Asking for a friend.

Chambersburg 17, WAYNESBORO 0

Andy Shay: Chambersburg 28, Waynesboro 7: Up front is where Chambersburg has a major advantage in this matchup, and it will allow them to control the tempo of the game. The Indians’ offense has sputtered out of the blocks this season.

Geoff Morrow: Chambersburg 26, Waynesboro 16: Strangely, these Franklin County foes haven’t matched up since 2013, which was the last season before the Indians really started turning their program around. Still, gotta flag the Trojans as favorites after what they did vs. Northern, another strong Colonial program last week.

Andy Sandrik: Chambersburg 20, Waynesboro 14: The Trojans won the trenches against Colonial contender Northern last week, and if they do the same in this spot, they’ll be 2-1.

Adam Kulikowski: Chambersburg 24, Waynesboro 20: You know when the Dollar General Andy picks against his buddy – who just so happens to be the head coach of the Indians – it’s high tide for the Trojans. 

Cumberland Valley 28, SPRING-FORD 16

Andy Shay: Cumberland Valley 31, Spring-Ford 28: The Rams’ defense will ask some interesting questions of the CV offense. Something tells me problem solving isn’t an issue for the Eagles’ offense. Expect another wire-job game for CV because it flourishes in that arena.

Geoff Morrow: Cumberland Valley 24, Spring-Ford 21: OK, the Eagles have made me a believer after hard-fought, narrow victories over Manheim Twp. and Central York. Now comes another difficult test, but one I expect the Eagles fully anticipate passing despite various challenges the Rams present.

Andy Sandrik: Cumberland Valley 27, Spring-Ford 25: My gut is telling me that CV won’t win EVERY close game it plays, but the ball tends to bounce your way more when you’re hustling like the Eagles have been.

Adam Kulikowski: Cumberland Valley 35, Spring-Ford 28: This is what we all envisioned when the Eagles hired Josh Oswalt. Fun to see CV trending higher. 

GREENCASTLE-ANTRIM 35, Delone Catholic 0

Andy Shay: Greencastle-Antrim 28, Delone Catholic 7: Defense stands out in this matchup. Blue Devils have been very good, surrendering only three touchdowns in eight quarters. Squires have allowed 30-plus in both games.

Geoff Morrow: Greencastle-Antrim 34, Delone Catholic 13: Even when the Blue Devils were struggling to win games a year ago, they trounced the Squires. Now G-A brings added confidence to the sidelines, and that spells trouble for the visitors from McSherrystown.

Andy Sandrik: Greencastle-Antrim 35, Delone Catholic 15: If someone told former Public Opinion sports editor Ed Gotwals that football teams in Franklin County – which normally sets the standard for baseball excellence – would be a combined 8-2 going into Week 3, he’d probably offer to find a nice bridge to sell you.

Adam Kulikowski: Greencastle-Antrim 27, Delone Catholic 21: I think our gang all agrees. This G-A team made another positive stride this year. Just how big of a stride is yet to be determined with Delone and East Pennsboro on deck the next two weeks.

Donegal 30, PALMYRA 13

Andy Shay: Palmyra 28, Donegal 14: Cougars haven’t exactly been lighting it up on offense this season, but the Indians have allowed 40 or more points in each game so far. Palmyra defense is the key to victory!

Geoff Morrow: Palmyra 16, Donegal 14: The 1-1 Cougars are still looking for offense, while the 0-2 Indians have shown the ability to score but not yet stop opponents from doing so. I think the convergence means Palmyra sneaks out with a low-scoring triumph.

Andy Sandrik: Palmyra 27, Donegal 14: Look for the struggling Cougars’ offense to put up season-high numbers against Donegal’s struggling defense.

Adam Kulikowski: Donegal 28, Palmyra 27: Key to me is Donegal’s defensive front. Palmyra’s strong suit isn’t moving the ball vertically downfield, so whoever controls the line has the advantage in this one.

Elizabethtown 41, LOWER DAUPHIN 28

Andy Shay: Lower Dauphin 27, Elizabethtown 21: The Bears have been putting up some serious points, but their strength of opponent is up for debate. Lower Dauphin defense will not be a pushover. Falcons’ win is keyed by keeping the game at their pace.

Geoff Morrow: Lower Dauphin 28, Elizabethtown 23: A road victory at Twin Valley might not traditionally feel like a powerful moment in a team’s season, but I see it as very consequential for the Falcons. Add to that positivity if LD’s defense is able to slow the hard-charging Bears.

Andy Sandrik: Lower Dauphin 33, Elizabethtown 28: Listen, I’m just some guy, but if I’m LD, I’m feeding the ball to Ty Millhimes (9.7 ypc) to control the pace of the game and trusting my defense for a few key stops in a grind-it-out game.

Adam Kulikowski: Lower Dauphin 35, Elizabethtown 28: You just get the feeling that the Falcons have turned a corner in the rebuilding process.

Gettysburg 35, BOILING SPRINGS 20

Andy Shay: Boiling Springs 35, Gettysburg 14: I know the Bubblers’ offense hasn’t missed a beat this season. Points have been easy to come by. Boiling Springs won’t have it quite so easy against the Warriors’ defense. 

Geoff Morrow: Boiling Springs 29, Gettysburg 20: I like the Warriors to keep this close, as opposed to the Bubblers’ first two very-outmatched opponents, but Boiling Springs isn’t Simmering Springs for a reason. Bubs on fire.

Andy Sandrik: Boiling Springs 28, Gettysburg 24: Call me crazy, but I think this is a very winnable game for Gettysburg. The favored Bubblers will have to continue to find ways to gain positive ground against their toughest opponent yet this season.

Adam Kulikowski: Boiling Springs 45, Gettysburg 14: Don’t expect the Bubblers to roll out the purple carpet for Matt Heiser when the former BS coach returns as head honcho of the Warriors.

HALIFAX 53, Hancock (Md.) 0

Andy Shay: Halifax 35, Hancock 21: Neither squad has any reason to think its defense will have a say in the outcome of this game. Just feels like the Wildcats have produced a little more offensively.

Geoff Morrow: Halifax 29, Hancock 7: Hancock lost 52-0 to Madonna last week. I assume that’s the school in West Virginia and not the singer, though either way it’s good news if you’re a Halifax fan hoping to celebrate your first victory this weekend.

Andy Sandrik: Halifax 28, Hancock 7: I called in a favor to one of my Maryland folks for a scouting report on Hancock, and his response was, “They still have a football team?”

Adam Kulikowski: Halifax 33, Hancock 14: Wildcats would love to have a feel-good moment in a season that might find the men in black as big underdogs most Friday nights.  

DALLASTOWN 44, Hershey 30

Andy Shay: Hershey 21, Dallastown 7: Couple of 0-2 teams searching for a little of that winning vibe. Trojans have been competitive in both losses; the Wildcats have not. Better QB plays for the Trojans.

Geoff Morrow: Hershey 20, Dallastown 14: I imagine both teams are looking at this as must-win, but I like the Trojans’ results (competitiveness) a bit better through the first two weeks and expect them to avenge last year’s loss to the Wildcats.

Andy Sandrik: Hershey 28, Dallastown 7: This seems like a great spot for Hershey WR Marcus Sweeney (13-273-3) to go off for a monster game.

Adam Kulikowski: Hershey 35, Dallastown 13: Our gang unanimously believes the Trojans have more in the cupboard. That, of course, means Dallastown will pull off the upset.

STATE COLLEGE 45, Hollidaysburg 3

Andy Shay: State College 28, Hollidaysburg 7: You can expect the Golden Tigers to provide some resistance early and often. But the sheer power and brute force of the Little Lions will eventually win the day with ease down the stretch.

Geoff Morrow: State College 35, Hollidaysburg 14: Credit to the Golden Tigers for challenging themselves with this schedule, but the Little Lions are a force, and it’s weird to keep typing “Little” when the team is destined for big things this year.

Andy Sandrik: State College 28, Hollidaysburg 13: Anyone else’s heart still beating super fast from the Little Lions’ one-point win over Downingtown East? I think the Golden Tigers are competitive here but, in the end, don’t have enough to slay the dragon. 

Adam Kulikowski: State College 45, Hollidaysburg 6: State College frosh running back D’Antea Sheffey should be a household name by midseason with his tidy 8.9 yards per carry average on his first 23 carries in the big show. He’s just one of a switchblade full of options the Little Lions have at their disposal.

TRI-VALLEY 35, Line Mountain 28

Andy Shay: Tri-Valley 35, Line Mountain 0: The Bulldogs are averaging 8.4 yards per carry to date this season. And the Eagles are struggling on defense. That’s just messy math right there.

Geoff Morrow: Tri-Valley 33, Line Mountain 6: Bulldogs have won nine straight in this series, with the Eagles last claiming victory vs. T-V in 2011. It’s about to be 10 in a row, as this is currently a matchup of two programs on opposite poles.

Andy Sandrik: Tri-Valley 28, Line Mountain 0: When you’re coming off a shutout loss like Line Mountain is, the LAST team you want to see is Tri-Valley.

Adam Kulikowski: Tri-Valley 45, Line Mountain 6: Finding an offensive spark continues to challenge Line Mountain. The ‘Dawgs might be the last team I’d want to face to get back on track. 

RED LAND 16, Mechanicsburg 15

Andy Shay: Mechanicsburg 21, Red Land 7: I will stick to my guns and continue to call the Wildcats a difficult team to beat. Yes, they are 0-2, but putting this squad away takes some grind. Don’t think the Patriots have the weapons to grind this Mechanicsburg defense. Both offenses clearly struggle, though.

Geoff Morrow: Mechanicsburg 22, Red Land 10: Somebody will win, and that somebody will be the Wildcats, who will stretch their winning streak to four games vs. the Patriots.

Andy Sandrik: Mechanicsburg 17, Red Land 3: Two low-scoring teams desperate to find the win column. I think the Wildcats’ defense makes the difference this week. 

Adam Kulikowski: Mechanicsburg 21, Red Land 7: Seeing four scores in this game might be a bit of a stretch on the over/under. That’s how much these gents are struggling to move the rock. 

ALTOONA 38, Mifflin County 0

Andy Shay: Altoona 34, Mifflin County 7: Been a very nice quick start for the Huskies, but the Mountain Lions are a huge step up in terms of competition, and that will show up in spades.

Geoff Morrow: Altoona 30, Mifflin County 17: Very cool that this matches a pair of 2-0 teams, but the Mountain Lions still hold a significant program edge here in what I believe is the first meeting between these schools. One area of concern for Altoona is not to overlook the upstart Huskies, as State College is on next week’s slate.

Andy Sandrik: Altoona 32, Mifflin County 14: The Huskies are undefeated and confident, and it might even serve them well for a few quarters. But make no mistake: Altoona is the favorite here. 

Adam Kulikowski: Altoona 35, Mifflin County 21: I searched for a reason to predict a 3-0 start for the Huskies – and, make no mistake, it’s been wonderful to see this program enjoy a few good moments. I agree with the gents above me, however, that ‘Toona has to be favored in this spot. 

EAST PENNSBORO 17, Milton Hershey 8

Andy Shay: East Pennsboro 24, Milton Hershey 14: This is a sticky game for the Panthers. They need to keep the Spartans’ offense in check and let their offense grind on the game. Not sure the Spartans have enough new pieces in place to meet this challenge yet.

Geoff Morrow: East Pennsboro 28, Milton Hershey 21: An interesting game in what’s long been an interesting series. I’ll also say that if I was covering this game, it would probably require stopping at Kristy’s Whistle Stop to bring a banana split back to the home digs across the river.

Andy Sandrik: East Pennsboro 27, Milton Hershey 20: The Panthers are on a roll, while the Spartans haven’t played since August. How well can Milton Hershey weather the storm and climb its way back into this game? 

Adam Kulikowski: Milton Hershey 28, East Pennsboro 27: To me, this game hinges on the health of East Penn QB1 Keith Oates. A sideline blow last week against the Cougars didn’t allow Oates to complete the game. If he’s sidelined Friday night, that might be just enough to swing the balance toward the Spartans. 

CENTRAL DAUPHIN EAST 34, Northeastern 7

Andy Shay: CD East 35, Northeastern 14: On paper, some of this matchup might appear on equal terms, but inside the game there are a couple of advantages for the Panthers that will make a huge impact.

Geoff Morrow: CD East 40, Northeastern 7: I really wouldn’t want to be the Bobcats if the Panthers do as I expect and turn last week’s disappointment into this week’s infliction of pain.

Andy Sandrik: CD East 33, Northeastern 14: When you lose a close football game at the very end, you either quickly forget about it or let it bug you for the rest of your life. I’ve been there. Having a short memory and getting out to a fast start is vital for the Panthers.

Adam Kulikowski: CD East 28, Northeastern 6: Tough matchup for a Northeastern team looking to find its footing on offense. East heads into a marquee division matchup next week against Cumberland Valley with the wind fully in its sails. 

DOVER 29, Northern York 28

Andy Shay: Northern York 33, Dover 7: Huge fan of the Polar Bears’ advantage in the trenches in this matchup and think that really creates a gap the Eagles can’t close.

Geoff Morrow: Northern York 28, Dover 0: It was a shutout victory for the Polar Bears last year, and I’d be surprised if it was close this time. Though how Northern responds to last week’s loss to Chambersburg will have a factor.

Andy Sandrik: Northern York 28, Dover 21: Should be a close game. Key matchup for me is Bears QB Timmy Bonin vs. the Eagles’ secondary, which has already snatched up four INTs in its first two games.

Adam Kulikowski: Northern York 35, Dover 13: The Polar Bears’ rushing attack has averaged just 3.4 yards per rush this season. They can win Friday night behind the arm of gunslinger Timmy Bonin, but stiffer tests ahead will require more production on the ground. 

WILLIAMS VALLEY 54, Schuylkill Haven 19

Andy Shay: Williams Valley 41, Schuylkill Haven 21: The Hurricanes’ offense will overperform and make it interesting for a while, but that “Alex the RB” will keep doing what he does, and the scoreboard will roll on for the Vikings.

Geoff Morrow: Williams Valley 45, Schuylkill Haven 19: It’s nice when your explosive offense provides a consistent cushion to allow your defense time to catch up, which I think might be what’s happening for the future playoff team from Tower City.

Andy Sandrik: Williams Valley 42, Schuylkill Haven 14: Who’s going to stop Alex Achenbach, averaging 10.1 yards a pop? Not the Hurricanes. 

Adam Kulikowski: Williams Valley 55, Schuylkill Haven 7: I see what you did there, Mr. Shay, with your Vikings-like reference to Mr. Achenbach. Well played, sir. … This is the type of forecast you make when you know WV will win by a spread large enough to feed a village. 

Schuylkill Valley 31, SUSQUENITA 13

Andy Shay: Susquenita 32, Schuylkill Valley 20: This game is a toss-up for me as both teams have been a bit inconsistent. The defense that impacts this game will decide the winner. 

Geoff Morrow: Susquenita 27, Schuylkill Valley 20: Historically, when I didn’t know what to do about ‘Nita, I would just pick opposite Sandrik. But I think he solved his Blackhawks curse, and now I’m confused.

Andy Sandrik: Susquenita 28, Schuylkill Valley 17: Those Blackhawks have more in the tank than we previously thought. 

Adam Kulikowski: Susquenita 24, Schuylkill Valley 21: What to think of this ‘Nita team is still a bit of a mystery to me. One week, I feel like they can be a dangerous opponent. Then the next? Not so much. 

Shippensburg 21, SPRING GROVE 14

Andy Shay: Shippensburg 34, Spring Grove 27: Big-play capability favors the Greyhounds slightly, but the Rockets have been piling on the points this season. Victory for Ship lies in the hands of its defense this week.

Geoff Morrow: Shippensburg 30, Spring Grove 24: I think the Greyhounds’ early-season triumphs over Cedar Cliff and Big Spring will look better and better as the season progresses, which, to me, tells me Ship is in better shape now than some of us originally anticipated.

Andy Sandrik: Spring Grove 39, Shippensburg 36 (OT): I don’t even know if I’d call this an upset pick. Spring Grove is that tough. 

Adam Kulikowski: Shippensburg 35, Spring Grove 33: Every year it seems there’s chatter about the Greyhounds slipping from the top of the Colonial Division heap. But all the ‘Hounds do behind veteran head coach Eric Foust is prove the haters wrong. 

West Perry 24, JUNIATA 0

Andy Shay: Juniata 21, West Perry 14: It has been pretty easy for the Mustangs to pile up points through eight quarters of fellow Perry County opponents. Juniata asks questions of an offense at a much higher level.

Geoff Morrow: West Perry 21, Juniata 17: The Mustangs have been a thorn in Juniata’s side in recent seasons, including last year’s 25-14 victory in Perry County. However, WP will really need to be sharp and take care of the rock to hold on for a fourth victory in as many tries vs. the Indians since 2018.

Andy Sandrik: West Perry 35, Juniata 28: West Perry’s dominant tour of Perry County has concluded, and now the Mustangs invade Juniata County. This won’t be nearly as easy.

Adam Kulikowski: West Perry 34, Juniata 27: The Mustangs’ defense yielded just six points in eight quarters of play this year.

Saturday, Sept. 10


Manheim Township 24, HARRISBURG 20

Andy Shay: Harrisburg 30, Manheim Township 20: Another slow-roll start will get the Cougars in a bad spot because the Blue Streaks’ passing offense has some firepower. Cougars are better overall top to bottom, and that will eventually show up. Don’t expect this to be easy for Harrisburg.

Geoff Morrow: Harrisburg 35, Manheim Township 28: Four of the Blue Streaks’ first five foes are dynamos: Cumberland Valley, Harrisburg, Spring-Ford, Hempfield. If the Streaks are 2-3 or even 3-2 at the midway point, I expect this team will be a HANDFUL come playoff time.

Andy Sandrik: Harrisburg 21, Manheim Township 13: The Streaks are finally rounding into shape, and I’ll take them over a whole lot of teams right now. But not Harrisburg.

Adam Kulikowski: Manheim Township 34, Harrisburg 31: For three quarters last Saturday, the Cougars couldn’t get jump-started. Fire off slowly out of the game again, and the Streaks will make you pay. 

WYOMISSING 35, Trinity 14

Andy Shay: Wyomissing 35, Trinity 14: Spartans are a handful and, for the second week in a row, the T-Rocks are playing a beast of a team. This will serve them well in the long run, but keeping this a game into the second half would be a step forward, in my opinion. Wyo limits a team’s offensive chances by hogging the ball, and that is hard to overcome.

Geoff Morrow: Wyomissing 47, Trinity 14: Just an insanely remarkable consistency from these Spartans, who churn out 49-0 victories like they’re playing Madden against a newbie. Agree with AShay’s take that this kind of game helps Trinity’s ascension to small-school powerhouse, but I’d be surprised if this one is close down the stretch.

Andy Sandrik: Wyomissing 43, Trinity 13: I’m not stuck on who’s going to win; just how many points the ‘Rocks will put up against the Spartans, who have two shutouts in two games. 

Adam Kulikowski: Wyomissing 45, Trinity 21: Another “Hell Week” test for Jordan Hill’s Shamrocks, who have collected just 468 yards of total offense the first two weeks of the season. Better times lie ahead for Trinity. 

Canceled: Susquehanna Township at Middletown

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