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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Mid-Penn Capital Division News and Notes


We were as shocked as anyone when the news broke that Middletown would not take the field in 2022. The community lives and breathes Blue Raider football. But it was the right call. I’ve seen far too many similar situations during my tenure at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. What’s worse is the coaching staff fell woefully short of protecting the children who should have been at the very forefront of every decision they made. Coaches and caregivers have a responsibility as mandated reporters to intercede. Hopefully, coaches across the Commonwealth and beyond take note to protect the children with which they are entrusted. Click here for more information on who is a mandated reporter and what that means.  


Last year, Trinity pulled off a stunning upset of Delone Catholic when the Shamrocks — led by first-year head coach and former Penn State standout Jordan Hill — knocked off the Squires 34-14. Fast-forward a circuit and the ‘Rocks were at it again to kick off its 2022 campaign with a 35-7 victory against the Squires. Only this time, no one should have been shocked by the outcome. Yes, Trinity is coming off a three-win campaign (which easily could have been a five-win performance), but with junior Caleb Wray back under center and Capital Division First-Teamer Max Schlager helping to anchor the defense, this is a team that just might be a thorn in the sides of perceived favorites Steel-High and Boiling Springs.

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