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Introducing the candidates for the 2018 4th Down Magazine MVP Award
December 29, 2018
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Meet the PIAA 3A All-State Team
December 28, 2018
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Meet the PIAA 1A All-State Team
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Meet the PIAA 4A All-State Team
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Results: Playoffs Week 1: Picks and Predictions

The first week of the District playoffs is nearly in the books with 20 of 21 games played. Lower Dauphin came back to shock Cedar Cliff in our Game of the Week CD East rolled past Dallastown to advance. How did our team do predicting the action? The results may surprise you! Follow the banter all season long on Twitter at @4thdownmag.




Prognosticator standings through Week 1 of the playoffs:

Jeff Dewees: Playoffs Week 1: 20-1

Andy Sandrik: Playoffs Week 1: 18-3

Andy Shay: Playoffs Week 1: 17-4

Adam Kulikowski: Playoffs Week 1: 17-4


District 3 Class AAAA


  No. 1 Central Dauphin 59, No. 16 Carlisle 39

Andy Shay: No. 1 Central Dauphin 52, No. 16 Carlisle 27: Pardon me if you've seen this score in 2015. It just happens to be the Week 7 result when these two hooked up. Still feels right today!

Andy Sandrik: No. 1 Central Dauphin 42, No. 16 Carlisle 14: The good news for Carlisle is that the Herd were able to win in Week 10 and squeeze into districts as a No. 16 seed. That's also the bad news.

Jeff Dewees: No. 1 Central Dauphin 28, No. 16 Carlisle 14: End of the line for the Herd. Nice season.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 1 Central Dauphin 45, No. 16 Carlisle 34: Two things I know: Micah Parsons will miss one more week serving out his 30-day suspension and Carlisle will enter this fray fully believing they can pull off the upset. Remember the scare they gave Wilson last year? I don't think the Rams' victory will be as easy as it was in Week 7, but Rams will prevail.

 No. 8 Lower Dauphin 22, No. 9 Cedar Cliff 12

Andy Shay: No. 9 Cedar Cliff 28, No. 8 Lower Dauphin 20: I just happened to be at West Shore Stadium when these combatants hooked up in Week 5. LD will put up a better fight.

Andy Sandrik: No. 9 Cedar Cliff 28, No. 8 Lower Dauphin 21: Jayden Demmy told me on a mistake-free day, the Colts can compete with the best of teams. Something tells me they do just that against a tough-as-nails LD team.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 8 Lower Dauphin 27, No. 9 Cedar Cliff 23: Again, doesn’t seem like a fair first-round matchup, with one of these two going out. I think LD’s been playing better ball of late.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 9 Cedar Cliff 28, No. 8 Lower Dauphin 26: It is deja vu all over again, as Yogi would say! Cedar Cliff hopes the match up is where the similarities to last year end. George Hatalowich is banged up. That's big for the Falcons.

No. 4 Manheim Twp. 34, No.13 Governor Mifflin 19

Andy Shay: No. 4 Manheim Township 33, No.13 Governor Mifflin 21: Not sure the Blue Streaks like seeing these guys in the opening round. I wouldn't. Mifflin is NOT easy to beat.

Andy Sandrik: No. 4 Manheim Twp. 33, No.13 Governor Mifflin 21: I'll pick any team whose quarterback doubles as a linebacker. Erik Benjamin has already beaten Governor Mifflin once this year and he'll do it again on Friday.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 4 Manheim Twp. 24, No.13 Governor Mifflin 17: The Streaks have the better overall ballclub, but Mifflin has the playoff pedigree. Closer than you think.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 4 Manheim Twp. 31, Governor Mifflin 27: Blue Streaks defeated Governon Mifflin once.  They will do it again.

No. 5 Hempfield 23, No. 12 South Western 21

Andy Shay: No. 5 Hempfield 21, No. 12 South Western 14: Black Knights are licking their wounds a little bit, but I believe their defense can corral the Mustangs ... stupid pun I know I just couldn't resist!

Andy Sandrik: No. 5 Hempfield 35, No. 12 South Western 14: Couple of good ball teams. Going with Hempfield because I feel like the Black Knights' L-L schedule got them better ready for this moment.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 5 Hempfield 35, No. 12 South Western 7: Red Knights, prohibitively.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 5 Hempfield 17, No. 12 South Western 14: Rob Zeiber's Black Knights possess a pair of quality backs in Will Blair and Sam Kramer who have combined for more than 2,000 rushing yards. South Western counters with a pair of stout defenders in Mike Farace and Tyler Fulmore who each have more than 70 tackles on the season.

No. 2 Wilson West Lawn 56, No. 15 Harrisburg 6

Andy Shay: No. 2 Wilson 49, No. 15 Harrisburg 7: Not sure about the Cougars and the injuries. That is a factor that seems to haunt this team lately come playoff time. Bulldogs are a machine, too.

Andy Sandrik: No. 2 Wilson West Lawn 45, No. 15 Harrisburg 12: It's awfully tough to survive and advance when you're playing Wilson in the first round.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 2 Wilson 49,  No. 15 Harrisburg 9: Really, the Cougs seem to have lost interest in this season.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 2 Wilson West Lawn 34, No. 15 Harrisburg 20: Wilson's machine is fine tuned for another run at the District 3-AAAA championship. Harrisburg has questions after experiencing a drubbing by Carlisle, 63-25.

No. 10 CD East 42, No. 7 Dallastown 21

Andy Shay: No. 10 CD East 24, No. 7 Dallastown 14: Just a little worried about the Panthers being sluggish after playing the No. 1 seed in Week 10. That's a factor. Still riding the CDE train in this one.

Andy Sandrik: No. 10 CD East 28, No. 7 Dallastown 10: There's something very telling about Dallastown's 26-0 loss to Red Lion in Week 10. Confidence can't be too high for the Wildcats right now and that trait is almost a requirement to beat the battle-tested Panthers.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 10 CD East 24, No. 7 Dallastown 21: D-Town has Y-A’s top muscle, but think Panthers have something to prove.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 10 CD East 30, No. 7 Dallastown 23: This doesn't feel like an upset. These boys know how to win close games.

No. 3 Exeter Twp. 46, No. 14 Cedar Crest 0

Andy Shay: No. 3 Exeter Township 28, No. 14 Cedar Crest 20: Exeter hasn't lost a game and has this cat who is a really, really, really good lineman. I'm just not sure about the Eagles' schedule. They are unbeaten for a reason, though.

Andy Sandrik: No. 3 Exeter Twp. 38, No. 14 Cedar Crest 14: Falcons have hung with some of the better teams in the L-L this season, but I'm not sure they have the chops to keep up with unbeaten Exeter Twp.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 3 Exeter Twp. 27, No. 14 Cedar Crest 7: A 5-5 L-L ballclub against the Berks champs featuring a 4-star lineman headed to PSU. Nope.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 3 Exeter Twp. 45, No. 14 Cedar Crest 17: For the first time since 1999, we welcome Cedar Crest to the District 3-AAAA playoffs.  Kudos to Rob Wildasin and his boys for fighting through the last three weeks to surge into the postseason after sitting at 2-5 through Week 7. Exeter advances with ease.

No. 6 Cumberland Valley 48, No. 11 Red Lion 21

Andy Shay: No. 6 Cumberland Valley 34, No. 11 Red Lion 6: So the Eagles played two other YAIAA teams to start the season and surrendered a total of SIX points. Do the black pants come out for CV? It is playoff time!

Andy Sandrik: No. 6 Cumberland Valley 42, No. 11 Red Lion 20: I'm not going to pick a York team over Cumberland Valley until it actually happens someday.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 6 Cumberland Valley 31, No. 11 Red Lion 13: Couple of slip-ups cost Eagles a higher seeding. Now, it’s hunting season. Fun fact: This was the matchup of the final football game at Hersheypark Stadium ever played on grass. I was there.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 6 Cumberland Valley 43, No. 11 Red Lion 13: Favorable draw for an Eagles club with title aspirations.


District 6 Class AAAA


State College 41, Dubois 7

Andy Shay: State College 31, Dubois 14: All I need to know is the Little Lions are physical and carved out a nice niche for themselves in the MPC Commonwealth. Yeah, that'll do!

Andy Sandrik: State College 45, Dubois 12: MPC Commonwealth schedule has tempered State College for a run to the state playoffs.

 Jeff Dewees: State College 27,  Dubois 16: Going Little Lions. Like what they’ve done second half of season.

Adam Kulikowski: State College 45, Dubois 23: State College's physical defense can carry the Little Lions.



District 3 Class AAA


No. 1 Bishop McDevitt 20, No. 16 Milton Hershey 0

Andy Shay: No. 1 Bishop McDevitt 48, No. 16 Milton Hershey 20: Spartans have some pop on offense, but the bigger concern is the McD offense vs. the MH defense. Like the MPC match-up in the opener, though.

Andy Sandrik: No. 1 Bishop McDevitt 42, No. 16 Milton Hershey 16: Tough spot for Milton Hershey, but too many coulda-woulda-shoulda losses have put the Spartans in this spot.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 1 Bishop McDevitt 27,  No. 16 Milton Hershey 7: McD just getting warmed up. Crusaders roll here. MHS, a tick more points if QB Keonte Lucas plays.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 1 Bishop McDevitt 45, No. 16 Milton Hershey 23: The Crusaders might be more vulnerable than in recent history, but they still possess plenty of weapons to make a deep run.

No. 8 Northern York 30, No. 9 York Suburban 16

Andy Shay: No. 8 Northern York 28, No. 9 York Suburban 20: I like the Purple Polar Bears at home, but I also know this will NOT be easy. Something tells me the defense that creates more turnovers wins.

Andy Sandrik: No. 9 York Suburban 21, No. 8 Northern York 10: York Suburban, a winner of eight straight games, seems to be a slight favorite over the Polar Bears, who are still smarting after last weekend's loss to East Pennsboro.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 8 Northern York 22, No. 9 York Suburban 17: YS Trojans won a division title in Y-A, something they hadn’t done in a while. Not a pushover for the Polar Bears.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 8 Northern York 34, No. 9 York Suburban 27: Great rebound year for the Polar Bears. Lost out on the Colonial title, but a playoff win is within reach.

 No. 4 Solanco 43, No. 13 Shippensburg 0

Andy Shay: No. 4 Solanco 28, No. 13 Shippensburg 19: These playoffs games and the Greyhounds are not a good mix. Last three games it's been losses by a combined score of 109-19. Solanco has NEVER won one, though.

Andy Sandrik: No. 4 Solanco 35, No. 13 Shippensburg 12: Yes, the Greyhounds are 7-3, but I'm still not ready to call them a contender. And it's going to take that type of team to knock L-L power Solanco out of the playoffs.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 4 Solanco 38, No. 13 Shippensburg 21: There was time when the Golden Mules were really, really bad at football. That time is no more, and hasn’t been for a while.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 4 Solanco 35, No. 13 Shippensburg 20:  Greyhounds sport a 7-3 record, but Solanco is a power Ship hasn't faced yet this season.

No. 5 Lampeter-Strasburg 41, No. 12 Palmyra 20

Andy Shay: No. 5 Lampeter-Strasburg 24, No. 12 Palmyra 14: Pioneers are riding a four-game skid in these postseason games. Of course two of those losses are to McDevitt. Run offense vs. Run defense. Who wins?

Andy Sandrik: No. 5 Lampeter-Strasburg 42, No. 12 Palmyra 9: Good teams have been hammering Palmyra over the final stretch of the season. And Lampeter-Strasburg is no slouch...

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 5 Lampeter-Strasburg 31, No. 12 Palmyra 20: Hit me up on this a month ago, and Palmyra is right there. Team’s been lost since late October. No idea where they’re at.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 5 Lampeter-Strasburg 30, No. 12 Palmyra 13: Cougars have been reeling through the second half of the regular season, losing three of its last four. Tough time to turn it back on.

No. 2 Northeastern 48, No. 15 Northern Lebanon 12

Andy Shay: No. 15 Northern Lebanon 33, No. 2 Northeastern 30: Only two losses for NorLeb came via that self-called forfeit. I'm calling for the upset. Vikings have some firepower and can score points. #Bold

Andy Sandrik: No. 15 Northern Lebanon 25, No. 2 Northeastern 23: Call me crazy, but does anybody else think that Northern Lebanon has a better squad than Northeastern?

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 2 Northeastern 33, No. 15 Northern Lebanon 17: Fun fact II: Northeastern did not have a football program at all until 2004. What they’ve built in Mount Wolf/Manchester got frightening in a hurry.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 15 Northern Lebanon 27, No. 2 Northeastern 21: On paper (on screen?), this looks like a major upset. But NL forfeited a pair of games earlier this season to land in the No. 15 slot.

No. 7 Susquehanna Twp. 42, No. 10 Conrad Weiser 3

Andy Shay: No. 7 Susqehanna Township 42, No. 10 Conrad Weiser 15: Week 1 re-match won by Hanna on the road 42-17. Not sure if that's good or bad. Tough draw for the Scouts either way.

Andy Sandrik: No. 7 Susquehanna Twp. 45, No. 10 Conrad Weiser 16: Susquehanna Twp. pounded Conrad Weiser 42-17 in Week 1. The Indians have only gotten better since then.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 7 Susquehanna Twp. 33, No. 10 Conrad Weiser 14: Tribe should handle Scouts at the Roscoe. Koran Jordan is a tough back, but Weiser doesn’t have to face any Ben Mosers under center in Berks.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 7 Susquehanna Twp. 47, No. 10 Conrad Weiser 13: If you've followed the Indians this season, you know they are a dangerous squad.

No. 3 Manheim Central 51, No. 14 Spring Grove 3

Andy Shay: No. 3 Manheim Central 33, No. 14 Spring Grove 13: Come on, it's MC and the playoffs. And the Barons are NOT playing McDevitt.

Andy Sandrik: No. 3 Manheim Central 33, No. 14 Spring Grove 0: Just not sure if Spring Grove has enough to compete with perennial District 3 power Manheim Central.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 3 Manheim Central 35, No. 14 Spring Grove 7: Barons. Mojo. Back.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 3 Manheim Central 28, Spring Grove 13: Barons are always a force. No different in 2015.

No. 6 East Pennsboro 42, No. 11 Middletown 20

Andy Shay: No. 11 Middletown 26, No. 6 East Pennsboro 24: It's all about whether the Panthers can control the Blue Raiders' running game. If East Penn finds balance then they win. Will be a physical battle.

Andy Sandrik: No. 6 East Pennsboro 42, No. 11 Middletown 35: Two teams trending in different directions. I just think that East Pennsboro has a little bit more pop and flash than its opponent.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 6 East Pennsboro 28, No. 11 Middletown 27: Tossup. Weren’t we just here? Panthers late. No, Blue Raiders. No, OT. Cripes.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 6 East Pennsboro 33, No. 11 Middletown 31: I'm going with the more dynamic offense--and that's the Panthers.


District 3 Class AA


No. 1 Wyomissing 42, No. 8 Hamburg 6 

Andy Shay: No. 1 Wyomissing 42, No. 8 Hamburg 7: Spartans shut these cats out three weeks ago. I'm gonna give them a score, but it comes later than sooner.

Andy Sandrik: No. 1 Wyomissing 42, No. 8 Hamburg 0: Not sure if anyone in this bracket, let alone the No. 8 seed, will be able to touch the Spartans.

Jeff Dewees: No. 1 Wyomissing 49, No. 8 Hamburg 0: Spartans shut out Hawks in regular season tilt. They’ll do it again with far more on the line.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 1 Wyomissing 38, No. 8 Hamburg 6: Rematch from the regular season when Wyomissing blanked Hamburg, 35-0.

No. 5 Biglerville 30, No. 4 Hanover 7

Andy Shay: No. 5 Biglerville 35, No. 4 Hanover 28: Lids off to the Canners! Doubled up these guys 42-21 a few weeks ago. Second time is always different, but the result will be the same.

Andy Sandrik: No. 5 Biglerville 28, No. 4 Hanover 14: Recent history -- as in Biglerville's 42-21 victory over Hanover in Week 9 -- suggests that the Canners are the favorite to win this game.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 4 Hanover 24, No. 5 Biglerville 14: Will the Nighthawks be nervous? Don’t think so, but Canners have been here more recently and often.

Adam Kulikowski:  No. 4 Hanover 27, No. 5 Biglerville 26: Biglerville handed Hanover its first loss of the season Oct. 30, 42-21.  Can the Nighthawks turn the tables on Biglerville?

No. 2 Berks Catholic 61, No. 7 Annville-Cleona 14

Andy Shay: No. 2 Berks Catholic 49, No. 7 Annville-Cleona 7: I would want to play BC any week if I wasn't Wyomissing. But right after a loss? No thanks.

Andy Sandrik: No. 2 Berks Catholic 38, No. 7 Annville-Cleona 7: Berks Catholic played the best team in District 3-AA, Wyomissing, to within a touchdown last week. That's not a good sign for the Dutchmen.

 Jeff Dewees:  No. 2 Berks Catholic 42, No. 7 Annville-Cleona 13: A-C hasn’t dealt with the likes of the Lutz brothers running in front of an O line the likes of BC.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 2 Berks Catholic 49, No. 7 Annville-Cleona 13: Berks Catholic has been held to under 40 points just twice this season--against Steel-High (33) and Wyomissing (28). Saints cruise.

No. 3 Newport 45, No. 6 Boiling Springs 8

Andy Shay: No. 6 Boiling Springs 30, No. 3 Newport 28: Something tells me the Capital slate has served the Bubblers well and it shows up here. It's an upset call but not really an upset if it happens.

Andy Sandrik: No. 3 Newport 29, No. 6 Boiling Springs 12: Newport won't score its usual 500 points this week, but they will cruise to a "W" over Boiling Springs. Fun Fact: Buffaloes head coach Todd Rothermel was an assistant coach at West Perry during my senior season in 2003. The more you know.

 Jeff Dewees: No. 3 Newport 44, No. 6 Boiling Springs 28: Points in the hills. Buffs take it at home. Bubblers can stay with them for a while.

Adam Kulikowski: No. 6 Boiling Springs 23, No. 3 Newport 17: I may be a little bias toward the Mid-Penn, but I'll run with Bryan Malone and the Bubblers.



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