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Through the Tunnel: Mifflin County

By Adam Kulikowski


East Juniata and Mifflin County pulled off a coaching swap of sorts with long time head man George Miskinis moving to the Tigers while Brent Hartman was hired to lead the Huskies in 2015. OK, it wasn’t so much a swap as how things shook out.


Pursuit of a dream

By Adam Kulikowski

Provide Mifflin County coach George Miskinis a moment to reflect on his time coaching defensive lineman Jesse Rodgers and the memories begin to flow.
Miskinis recalled the respectful yes, sir, no, sir—manners a youthful Rodgers expressed in junior high while he was playing varsity basketball for the Juniata Mennonite school.


Injuries hamper Huskies' season

By Adam Kulikowski

Life in the Mid-Penn Conference can seem like a ride on a roller coaster. The highs and lows can make your stomach turn. Folks in Mifflin County can probably relate well over the last two seasons.