Week 8 Picks and Predictions for the Mid-Penn Conference and the Tri-Valley League

11 October 2018


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Each week throughout the season, 4th Down's gang will make a prediction for each game in the Mid-Penn Conference and Tri-Valley League.  Week 7 picks and predictions are below. Enjoy!

Standings after Week 7:

Andy Sandrik: Week 7: 18-3  Overall: 131-37

Andy Shay: Week 7: 16-5 Overall: 129-39

Adam Kulikowski: Week 7: 16-5 Overall: 129-39

Jake Adams: Week 7: 15-6 Overall: 125-43

CD East at Carlisle

Andy Shay: CD East 31, Carlisle 13: Both teams will feel like this is a winnable game and each will view it as a “must-win” contest. It feels like the air is leaking out of the Thundering Herd balloon as we hit the stretch run. But the Panthers can’t stop making critical mistakes at the wrong times. Riding the CD East defense here.

Andy Sandrik: CD East 35, Carlisle 28: Through thick and thin, this has proven to be a series with plenty of close games. Panthers have won six straight, though, and I think they’ll be favored here to extend that streak to seven.

Jake Adams: CD East 34, Carlisle 24: The Herd had their first realistic chance in a while to beat Cumberland Valley and couldn’t follow through. They are not a team that can afford extended lapses and that’s what has plagued them for a few weeks.

Adam Kulikowski: CD East 28, Carlisle 17: Right now, I like the chops of the East defense more than the consistency of Carlisle's offense. That’s the difference to me.


State College at Central Dauphin

Andy Shay: State College 21, Central Dauphin 17: The Rams defense will keep them in this game without question. But I still view the Little Lions as a very difficult team to beat. Took Harrisburg’s best punch a week ago for a half and then made it a game down the stretch. If CD’s offense gets three touchdowns, they could win this game for sure.

Andy Sandrik: State College 24, Central Dauphin 18: It took quite the effort for the mighty Harrisburg Cougars to ensure victory over the Little Lions. I have no doubt State College will once again answer the bell for this difficult matchup with CD.

Jake Adams: Central Dauphin 24, State College 14: Even against Harrisburg two weeks ago, the Rams defense has not allowed more than 22 points all season. Twenty-two. In the Commonwealth.

Adam Kulikowski: State College 17, Central Dauphin 14: Back to back matchups against the elite teams in the Commonwealth for the Little Lions. Matt Lintal’s crew showed plenty of resolve battling back against Harrisburg on Saturday.


Altoona at Cumberland Valley

Andy Shay: Cumberland Valley 24, Altoona 21: I’m going to ride that the Eagles getting a taste of victory was a shot that will propel them in this matchup. There’s more pop to the Mountain Lions, but they have run a three-week gauntlet and I just don’t know how much gas is left in the tank. CV still asks a lot to beat them.

Andy Sandrik: Cumberland Valley 28, Altoona 14: Winning feels good, as CV learned last week, and with the postseason out of question, this IS the playoffs for the Eagles.

Jake Adams: Altoona 28, Cumberland Valley 20: If this score is flipped, I wouldn’t be surprised. Carlisle (my reference point) beat itself against both these teams in the past two weeks. This might be entirely dependent on the Mountain Lions getting an early lead; CV does not do well from behind.

Adam Kulikowski: Cumberland Valley 24, Altoona 17: It’s a long road to Mechanicsburg from Altoona, and the Mountain Lions played a pair of overtime games followed by a drubbing at the hands of Central Dauphin. That’s a slate that will wear on any squad.


Harrisburg at Chambersburg

Andy Shay: Harrisburg 42, Chambersburg 14: The Cougars are playing a whole different level and I’m not sure the Trojans are quite prepared for this much right now. This game will serve Chambersburg well come the second season. Harrisburg will not take this team lightly. It’s just doesn’t seem in the DNA of this Cougars squad.

Andy Sandrik: Harrisburg 38, Chambersburg 17: To everyone’s surprise, Chambersburg has emerged as one of the top teams in the Commonwealth division. To nobody's surprise, Harrisburg has shown itself to be one of the top teams in District 3, and perhaps the state as well.

Jake Adams: Harrisburg 35, Chambersburg 24: Prop bet: The Trojans lead at the half before the Cougars offense takes control over the final 24 minutes. I’ll take that. This could be a very intriguing game.

Adam Kulikowski: Harrisburg 35, Chambersburg 24: The Trojans have the weapons to make this an interesting matchup, but the experience in high-stakes games lies with Coach Cal Everett’s crew.


Mechanicsburg at Cedar Cliff

Andy Shay: Cedar Cliff 35, Mechanicsburg 7: Make it five in a row for the Colts. Mechanicsburg’s defense has been adequate this season, but Cedar Cliff has too much balance in terms of weapons and will overwhelm the Wildcats.

Andy Sandrik: Cedar Cliff 35, Mechanicsburg 10: Mechanicsburg might find a way to keep this game close with its defense, but the Wildcats do not have a chance unless their offense can put up points.

Jake Adams: Cedar Cliff 34, Mechanicsburg 13: The Wildcats got off the schneid, but now it’s the hard-charging Colts, who have been decimating teams for a few weeks now. It’s been quite impressive how they’ve gone from Bobby Whalen to multiple weapons.

Adam Kulikowski: Cedar Cliff 32, Mechanicsburg 14: Somewhere in the last two or three weeks, the Colts found another gear. Opponents be warned.


Red Land at Susquehanna Township

Andy Shay: Susquehanna Township 42, Red Land 7: This season was one small step in a long-term rebuild for the Patriots. Everyone knew that. Make it six in a row for The Tribe with a third-quarter explosion being the difference maker that puts the game away.

Andy Sandrik: Susquehanna Township 28, Red Land 3: Lots of positive vibes for the Indians, who have won five straight. They are in a great position to keep the streak alive this week.

Jake Adams: Susquehanna Township 34, Red Land 7: If the Patriots were shut out at winless Mechanicsburg last week, what does that mean with a road trip to face the Indians?

Adam Kulikowski: Susquehanna Township 43, Red Land 6: These are two teams trending in opposite directions. Not fun to hear when you’re on the one going the wrong way, but better times are ahead for the Patriots.


Governor Mifflin at Lower Dauphin

Andy Shay: Governor Mifflin 31, Lower Dauphin 14: Remember when the Mustangs were struggling to be competitive early in the season? Well, the District 3 Class 5A runner-up from a year ago is looking for win No. 5 in a row here. Falcons defense must be a game changer to have any shot.

Andy Sandrik: Governor Mifflin 32, Lower Dauphin 13: It is hard to pick against momentum, and with four straight wins, that is exactly what Governor Mifflin has.

Jake Adams: Governor Mifflin 30, Lower Dauphin 14: This will mark the fourth week in five the Mustangs will get a division bottom-feeder. While LD isn’t the level of bad a Reading, Muhlenberg or Daniel Boone is, the Falcons have not been good.

Adam Kulikowski: Governor Mifflin 35, Lower Dauphin 13: It took about half a season for the Mustangs to retool. Fifth straight win is within reach against a Falcons club still looking to find its footing.


Hershey at Bishop McDevitt

Andy Shay: Bishop McDevitt 56, Hershey 7: The Crusaders average nearly 540 yards per game on offense this season. Really, that’s all you need to know.

Andy Sandrik: Bishop McDevitt 56, Hershey 10: The difference between the top teams and bottom teams in the Keystone Division is astounding. Makes this an easy pick for me.

Jake Adams: Bishop McDevitt 55, Hershey 7: No reason overthinking this one. Crusaders cruise.

Adam Kulikowski: Bishop McDevitt 49, Hershey 7: Crusaders quarterback Chase Diehl picked up his first offer this week from Robert Morris. Expect more to come. … Oh, and Crusaders roll.


Boiling Springs at Camp Hill

Andy Shay: Boiling Springs 35, Camp Hill 14: Fire up the Wing-T for this one, Bubblers fans. There should be plenty of ground yards and touchdowns to be had against the Lions defense.

Andy Sandrik: Boiling Springs 42, Camp Hill 22: After two weeks of tough sledding against Middletown and Palmyra, the Bubblers just might find themselves with plenty of room to run against a struggling Camp Hill defense.

Jake Adams: Boiling Springs 26, Camp Hill 20: I expected a bit more at home from the Bubblers last week in a blowout loss. I think some of that gets corrected and Tayven Kelley has a big game for the first time in a few weeks.

Adam Kulikowski: Boiling Springs 42, Camp Hill 10: Boilings Springs should have plenty in the tank to motor past Camp Hill en route to win No. 3. After the struggles of 2017, this season has been a clear step in the right direction.


East Pennsboro at Steel-High

Andy Shay: Steel-High 48, East Pennsboro 26: I’m looking for a combined four or five touchdowns covering 45 or more yards in this one. The potential for some serious fireworks exist. Rollers just hit the mark more often.

Andy Sandrik: Steel-High 28, East Pennsboro 15: In all of my years of covering football, I have never once heard Steel-High complain about being the little fish in the big Mid-Penn pond. This attitude and willingness to work is the reason why they often find themselves favored against the bigger teams, just like this week.

Jake Adams: Steel-High 38, East Pennsboro 14: The Panthers have some good weeks (like last week) sprinkled in this season, but they don’t have the necessary talent to hang with the Rollers this season. Still, would like to see them keep it close for a while.

Adam Kulikowski: Steel-High 34, East Pennsboro 20: If I’m East Penn, I’m trying to keep my offense on the field as long as possible with time-sucking methodical drives down the field. Why? The big play explosiveness on the Roller’s side can’t score if they don’t have the ball.


Milton Hershey at Palmyra

Andy Shay: Milton Hershey 21, Palmyra 17: Rubber meet Road! This is a full test for the Cougars on both sides of the ball. Milton Hershey is explosive in spots and needs its best effort up front from the OL in this one. Mistakes will be punished as the Palmyra defense has been a takeaway machine this season.

Andy Sandrik: Milton Hershey 28, Palmyra 21: I seem to get burned every time I pick against Grant Haus, but it would be foolish for me to underestimate the tenacity and power of this Milton Hershey squad.

Jake Adams: Palmyra 31, Milton Hershey 27: Lost in the Grant Haus hype all season is that the Cougars have an impressive running back in Caleb Hawkins and a thorny defense that has forced 12 interceptions, recovered five fumbles and recorded 20 sacks. I think that defense will make one key stop to win this game.

Adam Kulikowski: Palmyra 28, Milton Hershey 27: Great matchup between a pair of quality programs. In a game where special teams could play a key role in who walks away with the win, the Cougars seem to be the more well-rounded team. It might not matter the Spartans duo of Naeem Cross and Chiago Anyanwu are dynamic but that’s my gut feeling right now.


West Perry at Big Spring

Andy Shay: West Perry 42, Big Spring 14: I’m certain the Mustangs won’t let two bad quarters define their season. The undefeated thing is out the window so what? Still so much to play for and prove, motivation should not be a problem.

Andy Sandrik: West Perry 35, Big Spring 17: This game is not the same slam dunk as it might have seemed two weeks ago, but I think the Mustangs have the personnel to seize control of this game and force the Bulldogs to play catch-up.

Jake Adams: West Perry 41, Big Spring 13: The Greyhounds were able to simply overpower the Mustangs last week. It took some time, but it happened. The Bulldogs do not have that capability readily available. Mustangs get back on track.

Adam Kulikowski: West Perry 37, Big Spring 24: Give credit to this young Bulldogs team. They are consistently undersized, but continue to fight and make strides each week.


Greencastle-Antrim at Waynesboro

Andy Shay: Waynesboro 34, Greencastle-Antrim 22: The path to a victory just looks more crystal clear to me for the Indians. No division title this season, but make this week matter. Blue Devils are better than their record and it’s borderline confusing as to why they have lost four in a row. The pieces are there for sure.

Andy Sandrik: Waynesboro 28, Greencastle-Antrim 13: With two losses in the Colonial Division, the odds of Waynesboro successfully defending its division title are slim to none. The Indians are the better team this week, but if they fall asleep at the wheel, their Franklin County rivals will make them pay.

Jake Adams: Waynesboro 35, Greencastle-Antrim 20: The Blue Devils’ three-game win streak is now four games in the past. And those four losses have not been pretty. The Indians are playing better ball than G-A this week despite two straight losses.

Adam Kulikowski: Greencastle-Antrim 24, Waynesboro 23: Predicting upsets doesn’t always bare fruit, but the Blue Devils have plenty of punch to break a four-game losing streak.


Northern York at Shippensburg

Andy Shay: Shippensburg 29, Northern York 24: All I know is the Shippensburg defense threw up a bagel on the West Perry offense in the second half last week. I love the head-to-head RB matchup of Adam Houser and Kyle Swartz, but I’m reading the defense tea leaves in this one and it says Greyhounds.

Andy Sandrik: Shippensburg 30, Northern York 27: Northern RB Kyle Swartz has been dinged up. Ship counterpart Adam Houser is coming off a 31-carry game. Both have been sensational, but wear and tear might start to show in this Week 8 matchup. Team with the freshest back wins this nail-biter.

Jake Adams: Shippensburg 27, Northern York 24: If Kyle Swartz can put up 60-70 percent of last week’s production, the Polar Bears can nearly match the Greyhounds with RB haymakers. I think Ship’s D is just a tad better and stops Northern enough to win it.

Adam Kulikowski: Shippensburg 21, Northern York 20: Had a great conversation with Ship coach Eric Foust over the weekend. One of the lines that stood out to me? “This team [the Greyhounds] is strangely comfortable playing in close games.” That comfort comes in handy on Friday in what truly is a battle of the titans.


Mifflin County at Dover

Andy Shay: Mifflin County 33, Dover 15: OK, so the Huskies have not exactly been proficient when it comes to their non-conference schedule. They are doing just fine in the Crazy Colonial. That non-conference trend changes here. Mifflin County has the better horses this time.

Andy Sandrik: Dover 24, Mifflin County 21: The schedule hasn’t exactly been rock-solid for Dover, but they’ve won five straight with an offense that can hurt you passing or running the ball. I’ve just got a hunch that the Eagles hang on at home.

Jake Adams: Mifflin County 34, Dover 14: The Huskies are averaging 25.7 points during their three-game win streak and now get a York-Adams squad that holds a loss to Shippensburg? Yep, Huskies.

Adam Kulikowski: Mifflin County 33, Dover 24: In Scott Sechler’s first full year as head coach of the Huskies, this team continues to trend in the right direction. Plenty of credit to go around, but it starts at the top in charting the right course.


Newport at Tri-Valley

Andy Shay: Tri-Valley 34, Newport 21: Good to see the Buffaloes crack the win column. And the Bulldogs are a good matchup for Newport. The playing field is a little more level. I still like T-V in this one.

Andy Sandrik: Tri-Valley 28, Newport 14: Are the Buffs back? I have not been able to get a good read on this team all season, so I’m going to resort to basics and take the home team that’s sporting the better record.

Jake Adams: Newport 35, Tri-Valley 27: Newport has won the last four meetings, which followed a T-V win streak of eight straight. What does this mean? I’m not sure. But I’ll take the Buffaloes.

Adam Kulikowski: Tri-Valley 35, Newport 31: Newport fell to Halifax by 22 while Tri-Valley lost by only 16 to the Wildcats a week later, so give the edge to T-V. This, of course, means nothing in real life other than that I think these teams are closer to equal than the records show.


Halifax at Juniata

Andy Shay: Halifax 42, Juniata 14: You keep waiting for the Wildcats to stumble, right? At this point, it doesn’t appear as if that is going to happen. Halifax’s offense is a machine with interchangeable parts as we’ve learned the last couple weeks.

Andy Sandrik: Halifax 35, Juniata 10: Halifax is big and strong enough to wear Juniata down by halftime. Wildcats should be more than good enough to remain unbeaten for next week’s showdown with TVL powerhouse Williams Valley.

Jake Adams: Halifax 42, Juniata 13: The Wildcats get one more win ahead off a potentially division-deciding matchup at Williams Valley next weekend. Halifax just needs to play a good few quarters and come out healthy.

Adam Kulikowski: Halifax 45, Juniata 20: Ball-hawking safety Broc Grosser earned a preferred walk-on offer from West Virginia his dream school this week. He accepted. Wildcats roll.


Williams Valley at Upper Dauphin

Andy Shay: Upper Dauphin 28, Williams Valley 24: If the Vikings show a sense of urgency and commitment their coach is looking for every series instead of when the chips are down, they will win this game. The Trojans are playing with a chip on their shoulder and need to keep that chip there to make this result happen. 1-star pick all the way!

Andy Sandrik: Williams Valley 23, Upper Dauphin 20 (OT): What would happen if a Viking and a Trojan battled each other in real life? It would be a close, hard-fought scrap, just like I anticipate this game to be.

Jake Adams: Williams Valley 27, Upper Dauphin 21: The Vikings have not been quite as dominant this year as in 2017, nearly falling again a week ago. Can UD win this one? Absolutely, I think. But sometimes you have to take that win-it-at-the-end pedigree.

Adam Kulikowski: Upper Dauphin 28, Williams Valley 27: When you live at the top of the mountain, everyone gives you their best shot. It’s hard to counter that energy level each week. The Viking know that first-hand this season.

Pine Grove at Line Mountain

Andy Shay: Pine Grove 28, Line Mountain 20: To me this is all about the Cardinal OL and DL taking control of this game and owning the line of scrimmage. They have the weapons to own the clock and limit the LM touches. Make it so!

Andy Sandrik: Pine Grove 28, Line Mountain 20: Football is so often a momentum game, and for these teams on identical two-game losing streaks, gaining a little bit of early confidence could go a long way.

Jake Adams: Pine Grove 35, Line Mountain 21: The Eagles have just one 100-yard rusher (Colby Scott) all season and are averaging a little more than 100 yards a game and one TD on the ground. It’s tough to win in the TVL like that, yet they are 3-3 in division play.

Adam Kulikowski: Pine Grove 24, Line Mountain 13: The Cardinal took Williams Valley to the brink in last week’s 4th Down Game of the Week. What we learned? Pine Grove has the ability to wear down an opponent. Eagles beware.


Millersburg at Susquenita

Andy Shay: Susquenita 28, Millersburg 14: One injury can be a lethal blow to any team battling numbers and razor-thin depth. One of your best players leaves a hole. Still think the Blackhawks rise up here.

Andy Sandrik: Susquenita 35, Millersburg 19: Millersburg has to be feeling like this is its best shot at a TVL win, but I still think the Blackhawks are two-score favorites or better. If the Indians light up the scoreboard, like they’ve been known to do on occasion, this game could get very interesting.

Jake Adams: Susquenita 20, Millersburg 14: The Blackhawks are rail thin in the depth department, and Conner McGuire’s season-ending injury only compounds the issue. But I think they can stymie the Indians just enough for another win.

Adam Kulikowski: Susquenita 28, Millersburg 21: If this turns into a shootout, the Indians can pull out an upset victory. But making stops has been a problem for Millersburg all season and that’s the difference.



Trinity at Middletown

Andy Shay: Middletown 55, Trinity 0: Blue Raiders are all business and will get their work in according to plan and then get its starters out.

Andy Sandrik: Middletown 62, Trinity 0: David vs. Goliath matchup here, except for Trinity doesn’t have a sling. Or a stone.

Jake Adams: Middletown 55, Trinity 0: This one is going to be very ugly, very fast.

Adam Kulikowski: Middletown 47, Trinity 3: These are two teams in vastly different places. Just the facts.