Making the Grade: Central York vs. Central Dauphin

02 November 2018


Adam Burkhart

By Andy Shay: 

Sure, the conditions favored Central Dauphin, a team that loves to pound the ball on the ground. And the driving rain all game made it a brutal night for a Central York team that spreads the ball and throws it around with a quarterback bound for Delaware.

I’m not so sure even if the conditions were ideal that the result is different. But it probably would not have been a mercy-rule game at halftime.

The domination at the line of scrimmage by the Rams’ offensive line was flat-out impressive. And the punishing and physical running style of Adam Burkhart was simply too much.

Total yards at halftime was Central Dauphin 336 (all on the ground) and Central York 125. That the Rams turned three Panthers turnovers into 21 points and a 42-6 lead at intermission kind of makes sense.

Time to hand out some grades.


Quarterback:This was not a night to be a quarterback and throw the ball. And that’s what Central York does. Cade Pribula has a live arm with touch, and he came out of the gate firing. The senior completed seven of his first nine passes. Then came the second quarter with a couple interceptions and a stretch where he was 0-for-8 with those two picks.Grade: C

Running Back:The Panthers hardly even tried early, then Central York went down three scores quickly in the second quarter and abandoned the running game. Only four carries for minus-16 yards in the first half. There was literally almost nothing to evaluate. Grade: Incomplete

Wide Receivers:Well, Taylor Wright-Rawls is pretty good, eh? He caught almost everything thrown his way to finish with seven grabs for 152 yards and a TD. The others ran sloppy routes, and there were a couple critical drops. Grade: C-

Offensive Line:I give this group credit. What they are asked to do primarily is pass block. And they do it well. Pribula was never sacked and those Central Dauphin blitzes were all picked up. They don’t run block. But they were impressive when it came to pass protection. Grade: B

Defensive Line:They were getting pushed around every which way including sideways the entire first half. I didn’t even see anything close to winning a 1-on-1 battle the opening 24 minutes. Grade: D

Linebackers:In order to counter the Rams’ direct running game, the Panthers employed a four-backer set. And even that didn’t work. Second layer of defense guys were getting run over, and first contact was too high all night. It was a struggle. Grade: D

Secondary:With nine and 10 guys in the box on a consistent basis, their job on this night was run support. The Rams didn’t really look to pass all game. They did a better job in the open field at making stops in their territory than the linebackers in front of them.Grade: C-

Special Teams:What a miserable night for kickers. Punting a wet ball is miserable. But Nick Basile’s kickoffs all went into the end zone except one, and that was returned from the 3-yard line. Zero in the return game because they never had an opportunity, really. Grade: B-


Quarterback:Pretty easy night for Noah Hoffman when all he had to do was turn and hand the ball off, right? Not so fast there, grasshopper. Taking care of the ball on jet sweeps and making clean handoffs in that rain takes precision. Hoffman was rock-solid. Attempted only one pass and I think that was a lateral that was ruled incomplete. He added 30 valuable yards on the ground with a TD. Grade: B

Running Back:For the fourth game in a row, Adam Burkhart went over 125 yards. And this time it took him only a half. After 23 first-half carries and the game in hand, he earned the second half off with three touchdowns and 162 yards in 24 minutes. Tyler Leisher was outstanding on his cutbacks and reads on jet sweeps and had 98 yards on eight carries and a score in the first half. Grade: A

Wide Receivers:So this isn’t a pass-catching grade. This is a blocking grade. I was watching because after the first drive it was obvious the Rams wanted to run the ball right down Central York’s throat. Secondary blocking from the receivers was outstanding. They did the job they were asked to do on this night very well. Grade: A-

Offensive Line:Total and complete dominance. I mean, 44 carries for 336 yards in the first half is a statement effort. And the holes inside were huge. The best I saw all season from any offensive line by far. Grade: A+

Defensive Line:This was a strange game for the Rams defense because the opponent threw almost every play. Zero sacks and the pressure wasn’t great. But the push was consistent, and as the second quarter moved along, the Panthers QB was throwing off his back foot. The pressure was annoying him. Grade: A-

Linebackers:About as much coverage in space as you’ll see this quartet take on in a half. It was unusual to see, but the coverage in space was pretty darn good. Inside blitzes on passes didn’t get home, but, again, the push was strong and bothered the QB. Expectations of this group are very high, though. Grade: B+

Secondary:Early on it looked like this group might be in for a long night as guys were open all over the place and yards were coming in chunks. Really bad coverage on that 55-yard bomb. But then came the 33-yard interception return for a TD from Nick Chimienti — great read, by the way, on that throw. That ignited the secondary, and they suddenly went into lockdown mode. Great pick by Tyrese Fuller on the sideline. His positioning was perfect. Rough start but they came on extremely strong.  Grade: A-

Special Teams: Great job on kickoffs from Derek Krug. A few of those went deep into the end zone. No chance for a return is a huge help. He did miss a PAT, but so what? Made five of them. It was a night where even trying to field a punt was risky and letting all three hit the ground was a smart move by the Rams. No need to take the chance. Grade: B+