Making the Grade: Greencastle-Antrim vs. West Perry

14 September 2018


Terrance Quaker

West Perry running back Terrance Quaker cuts upfield Friday night against Greencastle-Antrim. (Adam Kulikowski/4th Down)

By Andy Shay: 

Good gracious are West Perry’s defense-wrecking duo Kenyon Johnson and Terrance Quaker fast. And not just straight-line fast, they are football fast in the hole and have blazing open-field speed.

Mid-Penn Conference Colonial Division foes are going to have a tough time keeping this tandem in check for 48 minutes. They are very different players, too. And for the record, Johnson is a very good safety as well.

This duo hung 35 points on the Blue Devils in a matter of 10 snaps from scrimmage in the first half of a comfortable 49-20 Mustangs victory to push West Perry to 4-0.

Time to hand out some grades.


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Quarterback: When he has decent time and sets his feet, senior Max McDowell is a threat to deliver a very good ball down the field. He’s better on deep throws, though, and that can be a problem. Those medium- and short-range passes he tends to rush and that throws off his delivery. Most of his errant throws in the must-complete range were high. He had guys open, too. Finished 8-for-18, hitting a couple bombs that allowed him to total 190 yards. Good runner in tight spaces, too. Grade: C+


— 4th Down magazine (@4thDownMag) September 15, 2018

Running Back: Senior Wesley Medina is a 235-pound wrecking ball. The key to slowing him down is not allowing him to get a head of steam. If he gets that 235-pound frame rolling downhill, tacklers bounce off. He generally only runs between the tackles, though. He finished with 66 yards on 13 carries. Slot Ethan Hildebrand needs more carries in this offense. Blue Devils waited too long to use him. Junior Jaxon Sheely averaged 8.1 yards per carry, but didn’t get a carry in the first half. Not sure why — he also is a developing weapon. Grade: B-


Four-year starter Antwoine Carter is the best receiver on the team, but he was shut down most of the night, and he had an early drop on a pass in the flat. Ethan Murr has speed but can run only one route. Nice grab, though, on his 66-yard TD pass. Too many overthrows by the QB limited this group, but they were very good on deep balls. Grade: C

Offensive Line: Overall, a rough night for this group. They surrendered four sacks, and all four times Greencastle went for it on fourth down the Blue Devils turned it over on downs. In the key spots, they struggled to finish. They needed to win those 6-8 plays that were critical and they didn’t. Grade: C-

Defensive Line: Inside this group did a very good job. Nothing run in between the tackles was a back breaker. It was the edge that killed them and that wasn’t this group’s fault. They were physical, and after getting shoved around pretty good early fought back in the second half. Grade B

Linebackers: I saw some seriously shaking tackling in the open field by this group and they were getting turned around on the edge. Inside 'backers were fine. The outside guys didn’t seal the edge all night. West Perry had more speed, but the LBs were taking bad angles and missing too many tackles. Grade: C-

Secondary: Yes the other team has a couple really fast dudes in the open field. But this group wasn’t heard from all night. Getting caught up in the wash in run support, couple of blown coverages in the middle of the field. Grade: D

Special Teams: I understand kicking away from the West Perry return guys, but you need more than 12-yard punts if you are aiming to angle it out of bounds. Most kickoffs were on the ground, so there really was no kick coverage. Was a weird night for special teams. Grade: C



Quarterback: Kenyon Johnson is lethal with his legs, but he’s also a real threat with his arm. He attempted only eight passes, but five completions for nearly 100 yards with a couple touchdowns is a good night. Short-hopped a couple easy throws because he was rushed to get the ball to the wide open receiver. Needs to be patient and stick to his process. He throws a nice ball. Running the ball, he is literally a time bomb waiting to go the distance any play. Grade: A-

Running Back: So Terrance Quaker is really fast. That much is obvious. But it’s the way he gets to that open space that is very impressive. He is outstanding at reading the play, making a decisive cut and hitting the hole with authority then turning on the jets. He’s only 160 pounds, but runs like a big-time back. He’s a natural, but clearly has been coached well, too. Jake Fadness is the perfect fullback for this team. His big frame serves him well. And an offensive lineman got a carry. Yeah, I saw No. 62 Dave Doran get the rock! Grade: A-

Wide Receivers: Yes, Quaker is the No. 1 target, and he should be. But I saw some things from Cade Sutch that told me he would be a strong go-to receiver if the situation called for it. And he’s 6-foot-1, so that helps. Throw the ball more to 6-2 TE Preston Weber, please. You won’t be sorry. Grade: B

Offensive Line: Senior Zane White is the heart and soul of this group. He’s clearly a name taker and butt kicker. He sets the tempo. Yeah, I saw that block he threw on the throwback screen. Biggest improvement I saw out this group was seal blocking on the edge to get the open space their skill guys feast on. No issues in pass blocking either. Inside run game was effective, too. Overall solid night. Grade: B

Defensive Line: They are pretty big up front with a couple of 240-pound guys. At times they were pushed around in the middle. Senior DT Jared Beuchel had a very good game. Their motor was a difference maker when it came to quarterback pressure and they came up with the big plays in critical spots. Grade: B+

Linebackers: The best two players for the Mustangs’ defense are White and junior Tad Zeigler. They were all over the field and made plays, combining for three sacks and a couple tackles for loss. They play football fast, and White is a razorback. He just keeps going even if you get him on the ground. I saw him get beat early and pop up and keep pushing. Grade: A-

Secondary: Run support was shaky at times. The exception was Johnson. He might be a better defensive back than offensive weapon. I’m serious. He has elements that scream defensive back at the college level. Quaker knows he made a mistake going for that pick late in the first half. He was beat out of the break. Too many open receivers. More accurate passes would have been real trouble. Grade: C+

Special Teams: I don’t understand kicking the ball on the ground on kickoffs all game for the most part. Loved the quick kick by Johnson that covered 54 yards with the roll. It was a shaky kick, but a solid decision and result. Again, weird night for special teams overall. Kickoffs were ground balls most of the night. Grade: C